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Relgolook – Intuitive Email Management & Archival solution

Emails and information have become ubiquitous in day to day life. The need of the hour is to manage email relationships, history and effective communication, whether corporate or personal. However, with the growing contacts and collaboration, it becomes a daunting task for an individual, knowledge worker or a corporate manager to manage all its contacts, email and documents history, keep abreast with the latest information, and ensure prompt communication, while intelligently organizing their contacts and Inbox, making a big difference in their productivity.
Relgolook – a Microsoft Outlook Add-on, developed by Relgo Networks serves as a perfect choice for any corporate or an individual to effectively group and organize email relationships & information, while being equally effective in integrated archiving and restoring of groups, emails and documents. Its superior features come handy in managing the core information needs of an organization or an individual, thus enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity.
Relgolook – Effective contacts, email organization application for corporate employees
· Reduce Inbox Clutter (Documents, emails and attachments):
Emails in the inbox are organized instantly and automatically. You will instantly retrieve the emails, documents and attachments. The time difference in searching a mail with and without Relgolook will be vast. To find a mail, attachment or document from inbox or archives, it will be many folds faster with relgolook installed. You will see definite improvement in productivity and reduce frustration with finding emails from a user.
One click or bulk organize your emails and attachments
Extract and set email relationships for contacts from Inbox, Archives, Address books and Global Address List (GAL); synchronize hierarchy from GAL and view email to see emails and documents organized automatically for your team members, direct reports, peers and managers.
· Organize the desktop documents for email relationships, groups and project
Organize desktop documents for groups, relation types and individual contacts. Organize documents by person, group, project, team etc.
· Productive and convenient application for managers and corporate workers
Relgolook reduces average time savings of finding an email by two thirds. It greatly improves productivity besides simplifying email organization for corporate managers, individuals and knowledge workers dealing with a huge number of emails and projects.
Project/Team wise email and document backup gives peace of mind
· One click backup contact, project wise & team wise emails and documents.
· Archive emails node to node (i.e., at each and every level of the group, Relation types and Contacts).
· Archive, incremental archive, restore the emails, documents
In a nutshell, Relgolook serves as an excellent information management and productivity application targeted to any user group – large corporate to individuals, who find the necessity to have their emails and information segregated, organized and archived, thus saving time and enhancing their operational efficiency and productivity. If you wish you know more about Relgolook and other useful info, check

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Relgo releases Relgolook, an e-mail organizing & archiving application

Relgo, a privately owned Redmond based company is launching its relgolook product (a Microsoft Outlook Addon) for organizing and archiving emails in Inbox. Relgo worked on the concept of integrating personal network with awarded patents in this area for more than three years since the company inception in 2005. Relgo is coming up with suite of integrated product line geared towards “simplify and peace of mind” with its “Intuitive Information Infrastructure”. First in this series is Relgolook, a personal edition integrated into Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007.
There are a number of key features included in outlook toolbar, extract and set permanent relationships with people you correspond frequently based on relationship strength, create virtual or adhoc groups based on set relationships, organize emails from Inbox, archives, resolve emails for a relationship group, exchange relationships and email archives, organize documents for relationship groups and email entities. Our integration with Active Directory helps employees to extract relationships with one click and organize their emails and documents. Relgolook has useful features for everyone from home user, enterprise user, service provider in every industry.
“I have been using the Relgolook over a year, I cannot live without it. It makes my life easier and reduces dependency on my organizing capability and improves productivity many folds” claims Relgo founder Vasanth Ravula.
We are a Microsoft ISV partner for developing solutions based on Microsoft mobile platform, .NET, Sql server, LINQ, XAML and a number of latest technology advances. We are committed to customer and technology excellence for the benefit of customer and community. Relgo implemented a number of enterprise and small business SaaS applications (desktop, web based and mobile) utilizing its platform. Relgo is also working with third party developers to build custom solutions based on Relgo platform utilizing its SDK and web services.
Relgolook is first to come up with its store in addition to outlook back in Feb 2006, it evolved over two years to faster and better product. We spent lot of time reducing footprint, improving performance, web synchronization, integrating with active directory, manage web network etc. Relgo’s API and web services enable any developer to integrate the created directory with their application. Relgolook uses outlook object model to extract email relationships based on strength and lets people to build their personal network. Majority of the application is built as independent extendable solution integrated into outlook.
Relgo is the first to come up with innovation in information organization and has been awarded patents to, in the area dating back to 2004.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Relgolook FAQ's

1. What is the use of License in Relgolook?
Once the trial version expires, you will not be able to access various features of Relgolook. To access the application, you’ll need to purchase the license at

2. How to import License to My Relgolook?

Once you have successfully downloaded the license, click the “Help” button in Relgolook toolbar and then click the “Manage License” button. In the “Manage License” window that gets opened, browse & select the xml file and then click the “Import License” button.

3. How can I view the documents in View History?
As a first step, you need to add the related documents for a group/relation type/contact. Once you select the group/relation type/contacts, the related documents will be displayed at the top right corner of the window.

4. How to Archive the relations?
Go to “view history”, select the appropriate group/relation type/contact to archive the history of the selected contact or Relation type or Group.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sep 13, 2006 Relgo Networks, Inc. entered into agreement with Diya Business Consulting

Vasanth Ravula, founder and president of Relgo Networks, Inc. and Siva G. Reddy, President and CEO of Diya Business Consulting have entered into long-term contract worth 12 Millions US dollars over three years period. Diya Business Consulting, a Bangalore based Business consulting firm will do branding, brand management, business enhancements and product marketing for Relgo Networks, Inc. in India, Asia pacific, Europe and Americas. Vasanth Ravula, founder and president of Relgo Networks, Inc. has said, Relgo Networks, Inc is a Redmond, US based company building technology for intuitive contact networks management products and services for establishing and maintaining contacts for individuals, families, communities, service providers and businesses for all types of industries, technologies. Relgo utilizes natural relationships to create wide contact networks locally and globally and across industries, professions, business communities.With patented Relgos relationship definitions, search and inference engine one can utilize relationship types and profiles to get most suitable and accurate contact groups. Any type of business and service providers can promote their products and services through Relgos marketing campaigns. With Relgos products, one can instantaneously connect global family tree and detect unknown relationships.Siva G. Reddy, President and CEO of Diya Business Consulting, saying Relgos products are going to set new trend in the market in contact management and collaboration applications, marketing and meeting targeted customers with very high precision for all purposes across the globe.It will have both desktop and mobile products and web based services which are easily downloadable, installable and deployable which are very useful for both IT, non-IT companies and for individuals. Relgo will become a buzzword in the market for contact management applications and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will take new definition using the relationship networks. Even common can get trusted referrals and reach customers across the globe.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Relgo - Relations Network

Welcome all,

What is Relgo? We wanted a name that is simple and powerful and express the meaning "Relations on the Go". For generations we have relationships between many enties in the universe and beauty is Relationships meant some thing. We thought we will make use the power of relations and provide technology to common man.

Relgo Networks, Inc. is a technology provider for anybody on earth to build and use their relationship networks. Relgo's relationship networks are more than just contact networks, they morph into directory services most suitable to working environment. Relgo networks are as individualistic as human beings and acts like an identity print for the user. You can say identity print is as unique as fingerprint.

Relgo's products and subscriptions are very intuitive and user-friendly. It is like you just need to know your relations and mail, transactions, invitations, notifications and promotions etc are presented to you intuitively. More you use Relgo networks, more you will be addicted to all your contact and information organization purpose. Sharing simple things globally are as simple as simple thing. I use to struggle remembering stuff like lent a book, borrowed money, userid's, passwords and simple transactions. But with relgo, I just add a small note, which can be shared, and then it is there where ever you are. Even for little things to share, you don't need to call your contacts endlessly to find out, instead just look at Relgo.

Relgo search and inference engine which is unique in its class does marvelous things such as identifying specific or group of contacts in your network (can we say as far as more than four degrees in the network?) with searchable relationships and characteristics. So "Uncles in Seattle " is not going to be difficult for your child to find out. Everyone we have shown have some idea or concept where they can use it.

Relgo is offering products Relgolook, which is Microsoft(R) Outlook addon, Relgo Basic subscription, Relgo Premium subscription, Relgo Business subscription, Advertisement postings and all unique viral and multi-level marketing campaign mechanism.

So shall we say "Intuitive contact management" or "Connected directory service" for everyone?

Visit to create and maintain your own personal / business network.

Team - Relgo

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